We can't go on like this

With Cameron we certainly can.

Egyptian labyrinthEgyptian labyrinth

Republican Assemblyman Dan Logue has begun collecting signatures for “The Global Warming Solutions Act,” a ballot initiative that would suspend California’s cap-and-trade scheme until the unemployment rate falls below 5.5%.See here.

No matter what one thinks of climate science, it makes little sense for an individual state to unilaterally impose major new tax and regulatory costs on its own industries. The impact of California’s gesture on global temperatures will be infinitesimal, but the economic impact will make the state even less attractive to start or expand a business.

The UK and the EU are also imposing CO2 emission targets that are unachievable and that will reduce global temperatures infinitesimally, even if one believes that global temperatures are going to increase. And yet, and yet, nothing has been done to reform the banking system, some EU states are in meltdown with rising unemployment, with business still dependent on cheap unregulated and often illegal immigrant labour and UK leaders can't even be bothered to keep minutes when they are planning for a war. Our civil liberties are so impaired that even watercolourists painting factories are grilled by police who laughingly ask who on earth would paint a factory, see here.

The Conservatives say we 'can't go on like this' and call for a diminution of big government but totally ignore the supremacy of the EU, the UN and other supranational organisations. We can't control our own finances, our environment or government agencies. We belong to a trade cartel yet call for free trade. EU states must not subsidise industry apart from when the EU decides they can, such as for wind farms.

Richard North's investigation into the conflicts of interest (or corruption) within the IPCC reveal a byzantine labyrinth which seems to involve: quangos, universities, charities, government and the UN cheerfully channelling funds here and there with no control. As with the banking system where the bankers, politicians and regulators did not really understand what they were doing so it is with the 'climate change' industry.

Our systems are now so complicated that government doesn't know what it is doing. Officials keep discovering things that the 'man in the street' has always known to be self-evident. Our own hydra-headed government can barely keep the UK ticking over. We certainly can't go on linking to even more organisations which just complicate the maze. We could just say no and try to organise the UK because we certainly can't go on like this.