Tea cup coup, failed.

Nulabour old Leader

So elegant So elegant
Claus Philipp Maria Justinian Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler on 20th July 1944, the attempt failed, Hitler was almost the only survivor without injury. However, four people were killed and most others close by were severely injured; later von Stauffenburg was tried for treason and shot. As the attempt by Patricia Hewitt and Geof Hoon to get rid of Gordon Brown has failed, it's time to survey the damage and check for casualties.

Brown and Nulabour will try to pretend that all is well, it's not. True Hewitt and Hoon are still alive but, unlike von Stauffenburg, they are unlikely to have a memorial erected in their honour but then honour and Nulabour are seldom mentioned in the same sentence. The de facto deputy PM, Lord Mandelson, has emerged as less of a fixer and more of a fudger here. His statement of support is only average in quality, tradition has it this man is a genius too.

David Miliband also scored zero, it seems he had neither the loyalty to Brown to offer full support, nor did he have the guts to quit and so bring down Brown. To stay silent for the several hours he did before coming out with his statement, shows he is as much a ditherer as Brown, so perhaps he would make a good Nulabour Leader after all! Then again perhaps this is why Brown is wary of Miliband; what sort of a life is that, being wary of David Miliband? What Miliband said is worth a second look too -

"No member of the government was involved in the letter - we are all determined to win the election under Gordon's leadership."

All very true that, 'no member of the government', but a lot of backbenchers would love to see Brown go, probably out of spite, this as they know that they will be unseated because of his dire performance. Brown is now, a day later, keen for us to think of this event as a storm in a tea cup. This whole episode is so very Nulabour it's hilarious.