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Which one's Rompuy? Which one's Rompuy?
On the first day back at work for many people the Guardian gives space to a bit of propaganda from José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Herman Van Rompuy, see HERE.

Zapatero is there because Spain now has the rotating EU Presidency. Rompuy is involved because of the Lisbon Treaty-cum-Constitution. Thus what was a bit of a joke as a solo performance is turned into a duet with double the comedic value.

For those of you with a high pain threshold I suggest you read it all. Others may just like to skip through, my favourite line is -

we will give citizens a say in the union's legislative process

Considering that so few 'citizens' of the EU, like the subjects of the UK, had the opportunity to vote in a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty this is insulting; but that's typical of the EU. But as always in the Guardian, it's the readers' comments that are interesting.

So if you are a skip reader do make sure you read these, at the foot of the main article.
If pure propaganda from the EU finds it hard going with the Guardian readership then the yawning gulf between the public and the governing élite is as wide in the UK as it is in the rest of Europe.