Dr Pachauri

Saint or hypocrite?

Tata steelTata steel

In the UK and the EU our governments are prepared to spend a fortune on 'saving the world' from man-made global warming. Meanwhile real environmental horrors continue apace. See the photographic enquiry into resistance and repression in India's mines called the Alchemy of Iniquity. Tata which is closely allied to Dr Pachauri and TERI is one of the destroyers of the Indian environment.

Dr Pachauri, head of the IPCC, putative Emperor of the world and everything, is having a hard time from bloggers, most notably Dr Richard North at EUReferendum who is investigating the byzantine influence and funding of his ostensibly humanitarian institute the Energy Resources Institute or TERI.Good summary here.

nice suit.nice suit.
The BBC is fighting back and bravely sticking up for AGW despite the present arctic conditions. Dr Pachauri said, in a recent BBC interview, that constant economic growth was a mistake and we should consume less. Fair enough but he also said that he rarely bought new clothes as he found they lasted forever and gave the impression of a Gandhi - like ascetic existence. Yet.... look at his website he certainly seems to have plenty of posh suits and is a snappy dresser! He is also a multi-millionaire and lives in one of the most expensive residential areas in India, see here.