Off message at Christmas

Speaking but saying nothing

Far too loud Far too loud
Both of the gruesome twosome, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams and the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu have, as expected at this time of year, let us know their thoughts. Sentamu had his witterings published in the Guardian and they were not well received. Let's face it, if you cannot get a decent response from the good folk at the Guardian with musings on the subject of 'room at the inn' then something is amiss. But then again if the infrastructure of the UK had kept pace with the rise in the number of immigrants things would be different.

And so to Williams, he's the one who has a reputation of talking weird stuff, although "nuanced" is the way his office would describe it. His offerings were so awful I first turned the radio off. It took a while to be in the right mood to sit through the repeat. Just dreadful. So full credit to Philip Johnston writing in the Telegraph see HERE to analyse it all and come up with some sense. His title is, "Why are today's adults treated like children"?

This is clever in that it turns around the Williams' message and takes it further. He does not answer his own question, but then perhaps it's not that simple. It might not be so bad if the busy-body state and its army of minions were good at the core activities like running public services but they're not; they don't come cheap either; recommended reading.

But praise where praise is due, the Queen's speech this year did not mention the EU or climate change, so that was all right. It was modest, plain even, but direct and sincere. All this in direct contrast to her son who did go to the 'climatefest' at Copenhagen and made a fool of himself, again!