The wrong kind of public services?

More than just a simple breakdown

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Eurostar and Eurotunnel, that's the split between the train and track deemed so essential by the EU. It's supposed to 'help' the consumer, or passenger as we used to say, in reducing something-or-other. It's not worked well in the UK but the word 'split' has just about summed things up between the train and track under the channel. Writing in the Times HERE Robin Henry gives the detail on the very public shouting match between these two. The "wrong kind of snow" was, we all thought, banished to history along with British Rail. However, the desire of the EU to control everything in Marxist style seems to have hit the buffers due to the white stuff that falls from the skies in winter.

Now if global warming really kicked in this would not happen. Then, due to the heat, rails would buckle and passengers would be stranded. So until then the would-be traveller has to make do with unregulated white stuff falling willy-nilly to disrupt the schedule. Henry also reports that Eurotunnel -

accused Eurostar of ignoring safety rules when evacuating those trapped on the trains and not relaying information on what was happening. They also criticised Kent Police for “conducting a series of incomprehensible and interminable checks and controls.”

The suggestion from Eurotunnel is that the Kent Police hindered not helped, Kent Police have replied with a statement -

"we will discuss any specific concerns if raised through the appropriate channels".

Now this is interesting. As time rolls on we are all becoming accustomed to seeing public services and the general infrastructure of the UK fall apart and go third-world-rate in quality. This includes the police. Yes the weather was horrid over the holiday, but then this time of year is winter, so why the fuss? A friend who travels a lot, not only in the UK but on the Continent as well, tells me that road closures by the UK police are common. Other countries seek to keep the traffic flowing, but 7 cars have an accident on a major road and it is closed for hours. It's as if other motorists are being punished, made to wait and be humiliated!

Also this is the same Kent police criticised for their rough handling of protesters at the Kingsnorth power station site; their 'kettling' and aggressive tactics won them no friends with the local community. The very people they are supposed to serve, the people who pay their wages via local taxes, who had a perfect right to protest without being treated like insurgents.

Again this is the same Kent police who sent out requests for support at Kingsnorth to other UK police forces framed along the lines of 'come and earn lots of money here'; it was crass but instructive on how police thinking goes.

Reading the Kent police statement again, "we will discuss any specific concerns if raised through the appropriate channels," it is to be assumed that the word appropriate does not mean 'in private'. You just never know with public servants these days.