Dr Pachauri

- master of the universe?

Haven't they done well?Haven't they done well?

Sensible minds such as Richard North and Christopher Booker are just beginning to be noticed in the MSM. They have been 'banging on' about global warming for years but their exposé of Dr Rajendra Pachauri, head of the IPCC and his breathtaking conflicts of interest has been published in the Telegraph. The Australian has also taken up the subject.

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for a reply from the Greg Clark, Tory shadow Energy and Climate Change minister, regarding Climategate but expect the normal bland brush off, that is if he can be bothered to reply. Obviously the Conservatives will be keen to keep the carbon trade market in the UK, estimated to be worth many trillions by the end of the next decade, but should we be paying to fund such a trade via our taxes when this will surely be the biggest ever bubble in the future, leading to huge energy costs, ruination of the countryside and offshore seas, promotion of biofuels, closure of manufacturing and yet more subsidies to the city?

By the way, don't forget to feed the birds. They are having it hard now so many gardens have been concreted over by the UK's special rapporteur to Copenhagen, our very own John, 'two jags', Prescott.