Paying not drowning

Lifting people out of poverty?

Drowning? Drowning?
As any comedian will tell you it's 'all about timing', the quality of the material matters less than the delivery. Well isn't that just like Copenhagen? With immaculate timing snow fell on Copenhagen and the warmists' big party. So while the weather is miserable and the low quality of the scientific data is disregarded, more money than is wise was wasted on this freak show and to hell with the aftermath.

You may think the money side of it is not important, wrong. Who is going to pay for this 'initiative'? Prince Charles says we only have seven years to save the planet. Where does he get that number, where's the proof? But then, as climate scientists make it up as they go along I suppose the heir to the throne might as well do the same. But the money side of it is serious.

As reported in the Times -

"The cost of servicing the country’s £178 billion budget deficit represents just under double the annual budget for the Ministry of Defence".

The cost of the debt interest is already £60 billion – see HERE

So who pays for all this global warming stuff? No doubt David Miliband on behalf of Nulabour can't wait to deepen the tax burden of the nation so as to give Gordon Brown a few seconds worth of press coverage; and all this from the party, Nulabour, who are forever cranking on about “lifting people out of poverty”

As the sea water rises and drowns small islands in the Pacific, or so they say, other people will find themselves overcome by debt levels equally fatal. It's not fashionable to say so, thus the plight of the payers will go unnoticed, unreported in the liberal/left MSM.

But there is trouble to come or so says Moody's, the credit rating agency, see HERE.

Now the cynical of you may say that some credit agencies got their numbers horribly wrong during the US sub-prime crisis,so they did. But in terms of grading both climate scientists and credit agencies I'd say climate scientists come lower than credit agencies.