Mugabe cheered at Copenhagen

Carbon trading is go?

Our leaders!Our leaders!

Gordon Brown struts upon the stage at Carbonopenhagen with the delusional hope of leaving his legacy as a world statesman who helped save the world, twice. Hugo Chavaz gets a standing ovation, Robert Mugabe is cheered whilst Viscount Monckton is knocked unconscious by a Danish policeman, see Anthony Watts.

Will carbon trading take off? Will trillions of dollars begin to fuel the next economic boom (and bust)? What is certain is that food in the developing world will become very expensive, China will continue to pollute, the industrialisation of fishing and farming will continue apace and environmental NGOs and 'green' energy companies will make a killing.

In our own little corner of the world all three major parties are oblivious to all this. Whereas Lord Monckton writes an open letter here.