Can it get any worse?

The perils of low quality leadership and news reporting

The death of reporting?The death of reporting?
What is it about modern government? A conversation in a taxi turns out to be the root of the WMD farce and a significant part of the reason, or though others may say excuse, to invade Iraq. See HERE.

And now on an equally questionable basis we accept data from a climate research unit that attempts to - 'hide the decline'; some might call it fiddling, rather than engaging, in real science. It's behaviour like this that leads to the idiotic jamboree now being played out in Copenhagen.

Finding a part of public life that works, to the satisfaction of the public, as opposed to the ridiculous notion of self-approval is next to impossible.

The MSM is, as usual, ready to 'help'. Being, generally, part of the problem and not the solution this comes easy to them. In the children's game 'snakes and ladders' there are many diversions, it's the same with the MSM. You may say that they have acres of newspaper to fill and so feel sorry for them, why?

There are a few exceptions, one is HERE.

It's the MSM that decides we all want to read more about Tiger Woods while the BBC is allowing Tony Blair to pre-empt the Chilcot Inquiry with his, “trust me I'm a Christian”, act. Writing about Blair in the Telegraph, George Pitcher, himself a Christian, states-

"There's something of the Jeffrey Archer to Tony Blair. If there's a past that doesn't suit him, he invents another one”,

Pitcher gives a full analysis of Blair that affords him little mercy,

“that he (Blair) was reinventing his past again, just as he did in the old days when he said that, as a boy, he watched Jackie Milburn play for Newcastle United, had stowed away on a flight to the West Indies and had been kidnapped by the Mysterons during the invasion of Iraq (I made one of those up; see if you can spot which one)”.

The MSM so easily manipulated that is it's clear why blogs exist; the sale of newspapers is in decline and the BBC has never had more critics.