Douglas Carswell

European Union Membership (Referendum) Bill.

An honourable manAn honourable man

Parliamentarian of the year, co-author of The Plan, MP for Harwich and Clacton, intellectual and genuine democrat Douglas Carswell is asking for a referendum on our membership of the EU. This is what he says:

Today I introduce a Bill in the House of Commons that would give the people a direct vote on Britain's membership of the European Union; the European Union Membership (Referendum) Bill.

All three political parties promised us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Yet it never happened.

For thirty years, it's been left to politicians and diplomats to determine our Euro policy. No one under the age of 53 has had the chance to vote in a referendum on it. I think now it's time to let the people decide.

Naturally, given how government controls Parliament (as opposed to the other way around), my Private Members Bill faces an uphill struggle to become law. But it puts down a marker. It breaks the Westminster taboo. What has been unsaid for too long is now in print on the Order Paper.

If it is too late to have a vote on the Lisbon Treaty - and I think it is - then we need to have a vote on Rome.

This isn't just about Europe. It's about making politics link more directly to the people. It’s about direct democracy and people power.

My Bill is backed by MPs from all parties. And even by MPs who support the EU, but fear it lacks legitimacy without a vote.

Good man. Perhaps he could also ask Mr Cameron to have a glance at some excellent blogs such as Watts Up With That so as to get the idea that there could just conceivably be some doubts regarding the 'science' of climate change?