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The Emperor's new clothesThe Emperor's new clothes

I have contacted the Conservative shadow Energy and Climate minister Greg Clark regarding Climategate/Warmergate and have been told he'll be 'getting back to me.' He'd better hurry because he'll need to be on the right side here.

The tectonic plates are moving - on one side are: the MSM, governments, big energy and 'sustainability' companies, climate change scientists in receipt of research grants versus, on the other: the blogosphere, public opinion, small business and scientists not in receipt of climate change grants.

The redoubtable Dr Richard North gives us information on Dr Rajendra Pachauri, head of the IPCC , director, chairman, member and advisor of Everything to do with climate change / big business interests, see also here.

It becomes more and more surreal. John 'two jags' Prescott is the Council of Europe's rapporteur on climate change (also the man responsible for designating gardens as brownfield sites) and , polar bears carved in ice melt in Copenhagen where snow is forecast. Some of the 34,000 delegates are deluded, some want to be in a really 'cool' place and others such as Dr Pachauri stand to obtain a great deal of money and status. That is until a small child shouts out:" But he isn't wearing anything at all!"

Then the dream would be to: clean up the oceans, plant trees, consume less, control population growth, research new forms of energy and have sustainable agriculture and development. With emissions trading all we'll get are bigger, more carbon-efficient Wall-marts and Tescos and forests of windfarms - thanks to advisors from companies chaired by the likes of Dr Pachauri.