Chilcot and Climategate, a helping hand?

Lucky man?

Myths and there peddlers
I wonder if Professor Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit is, ahem, feeling under the weather? While mounting accusations swirl around him and the entire tribe of climate 'scientists', the future looks bleak. However, I predict there will be something to lift the spirits this Christmas. A flurry of seasonal greetings cards from Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, UK Prime Minister 1997 - 2007, and family, will fall through some letter boxes any time soon.

Just a month ago the Chilcot Inquiry looked set to give Tony Blair a bit of a drubbing. But then along came climategate and snake-oil salesman Blair, rictus intact, could slither away. For, had Chilcot been the only show in town then it could have been a bit rough for the poodle side of the Geo W. Bush, 'one man and his dog' inquiry. But luck, good luck, has always been the fuel to keep the Blair thing going thus it would be churlish for the ex-PM not to reward the mad scientists with a token of his appreciation for their flanking manoeuvre.

For some observers the Chilcot is a non-starter but the Independent reports some of the juicy bits -

Sir Peter Ricketts "We quite clearly distanced ourselves from talk of regime change... that was not something we thought there would be any legal base for."

Sir William Patey "We were aware of those drumbeats from Washington [about regime change]. Our policy was to stay away from that end of the spectrum."

Sir Michael Wood "[Establishing no-fly zones over Iraq] was very controversial ... The US government was very careful to avoid taking any real position on the law."

Sir William Ehrman "We did, on 10 March, get a report that chemical weapons might have remained disassembled and Saddam hadn't yet ordered their assembly."

Sir Christopher Meyer "Suddenly, because of the unforgiving nature of the military timetable, we found ourselves scrabbling for the smoking gun."

Sir Jeremy Greenstock "I regarded our participation in the military action against Iraq in March 2003 as legal, but of questionable legitimacy."
Iraq tryst? Iraq tryst?

Blair is due to appear before Chilcot in the new year, until then we wait; but his loyal crew are doing their own flanking manoeuvres now. None other than Lord Peter Mandelson (a man you can trust?) recently found time to suggest Sir Christopher Meyer, see above, was “absurd”.

There should be an 'I've helped Tony club', a meeting place for myth peddlers like Jones and Mandy, that would be lovely.

The YouTube vid above shows a rather spooky Blair nodding merrily to the questions before, after a theatrical pause, gently swatting them away with his “trust me I'm a genius” routine; but will it last?