Under the weather?

Down under.

5 times size of GB5 times size of GB

Climategate continues to roll. Australia’s parliament just imploded over discord due to the emissions trading scheme being pushed by opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull. Five Liberal frontbenchers have resigned (plus seven MPs) because they actually want to discuss the scheme rather than just allow the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to dash off to Copenhagen and grandstand as a friend of the chairman. Rudd’s Labor party needs support from seven non-government senators to win passage through the 76-seat upper house.

Meanwhile, the BBC site blissfully burbles on about Copenhagen and CO2 reduction pledges, the Telegraph heaps praise on the Tories for the proposal to offer to give us goody vouchers if we reach our personal recycling targets!

In the meantime we have the man-made 2,700km wide floating rubbish tip consisting mainly of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean. This was discovered in 1997, when 'global warming' was becoming big. It was ignored and has since doubled in size and hundreds of thousands of: albatross, sea turtles, shark, tuna .....are dying from ingesting the plastic particles.

The man who discovered it, Charles Moore, is convinced that there are more such 'garbage patches' in other oceans. See the Algalita Foundation.

All over the world there are environmental horrors such as this. The cost of the Copenhagen summit itself would be enough to help clean up some of the Pacific garbage patch but then our leaders would miss out on the photo op. and which world leader would be courageous enough to question global warming climate change? (Apart from our hero Vaclav Klaus.)