Iraq, Chilcot takes a turn

And again and again and again

Better than the rest?Better than the rest?
If asked to suggest a 'best source' for information related to the Chilcot Inquiry it would be Richard North at EU Refrendum, latest post (26th November) HERE.

You may disagree with North but you can't discount him. The link above can also take you to his other website dedicated to military analysis. So this post on Chilcot is a waste of time? If you say so! But while the experts will naturally concentrate on the central issues it is reasonable to look around at other aspects. This is inquiry number three. First there was the Hutton Inquiry which looked into the death of Dr David Kelly. It was followed by the Butler Review, a sort of Inquiry but with a name change hoping to impress. It must have failed in that respect as now we have Chilcot.

Simple folk must wonder what else there is to be said. While the cynical will wonder why, if valuable data has been hidden for this long, it will come out now. Chilcot has stated that he does not set out to blame anyone. It does not take much common sense to see that this fact alone means to see closure on Iraq there must either be - another inquiry, or the public just gives up and moves on. Further application of common sense suggests the government, this one or the next, are hoping it's the latter option that comes about.

So far all we have seen is a selection of people who are prepared to talk now, yet at the time of the build up to this illegal invasion of Iraq stayed silent. In the interim many have been promoted and are closer to retirement on a decent pension. They know they are 'safe' not only because Chilcot is not looking to blame anyone but because the massed ranks of public servants cannot turn against Tony Blair. Not right is is it?