Nulabour, opinion polls and let's pretend

Politics by numbers

Titanic at restTitanic at rest
Not so long ago the supporters of Nulabour, let's say the reporting staff of the Guardian, Independent and BBC, were in the pit of gloom. According to opinion polls Nulabour was, at the next general election, to be wiped out. But today it's different, the polls are saying, or to be precise the supporters of Nulabour are saying, a hung parliament awaits. The evidence either way is scant, that's the nature of opinion polls. However, along with pretending the recession is over, there's not much for the MSM to do.

They're not exactly falling over themselves reporting the goings-on at the University of East Anglia, see HERE.

Much is being overlooked with the numbers behind the polls. The Nulabour supporters are trying to claim, pre-election, that a hung parliament represents a great victory for them and their cause. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the Blair years Nulabour had a House of Commons majority of over 220 seats. To pretend that after the next election tagging along behind a Tory-LibDem alliance in, effectively, third place, is madness. But then this is the root of the problem, the insanity of Nulabour. It has been the madness that has destroyed their once powerful political position. And Nulabour being what it is, they just don't get it.

This power loss is equivalent to a great maritime disaster. But one in which the iceberg was spotted yet the course steered was straight for it, while at the same time setting the engines for full speed ahead. Blame shift and victimology is a Nulabour strong suit. Blaming Mrs Thatcher for the woes of the world is still fashionable in some circles of Nulabour. More up to date is Gordon Brown and his wail “it started in America”. He is never going to be able to admit his part in the economic and political failure of the UK and that it could take more than one parliamentary term to sort the mess out.