The end of the world?

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The University of East Anglia’s webmail server has had a huge number of files hacked. The blogosphere claims that the emails and documents now available on the internet suggest that the Climate Research Unit (CRU) has been manipulating the temperature records so as to support the warming theory and to minimise evidence that shows the fact that the earth has been cooling for some time. The mainstream media has tried hard to ignore this story but some have shown interest: the Mail, a Telegraph blog, Nigel Lawson in the Times and Troy media which considers the hacking just a 'blip', see here. The Guardian won't even discuss any criticism of climate change as it considers it a secular religion and otherwise there is just silence with just the usual odd comment about Armageddon.

We see that the network of scientists involved in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) fourth-assessment report went to extraordinary lengths to stop the publication of any information or data which did not support the man-made global warming theory.

The emails and documents also reveal that, when asked to release their data so as to permit analysis by independent scientists under a freedom of information request, Jones, Mann and others conspired to delete emails and related files so as to prevent disclosure – an act illegal under freedom of information legislation in Britain and despite the fact that it is normal scientific practice for the original data used to base a theory or claim to be made available to others for analysis.

Embarrassingly there is a PDF document called The Rules of the Game that is a propaganda guide by a 'sustainability communications agency' called futerra for the UK government 's climate change campaign Tomorrow's climate, Today's challenge. Encouragingly we have noticed that their advice seems to have fallen rather flat as in the government advert where a father shows his daughter small animals being drowned as a result of global warming. Plane Stupid have an even more counterproductive, tasteless and gruesome video which has polar bears falling from the sky aka Twin Towers.

A summary of the email exchanges and their implications can be found at Bishop Hill.