Stopping what?

United in mediocrity!

Rompypompy and Wossername Rompypompy and Wossername
Back to the EU. The top Johnny job was supposed to go to a man who could stop the traffic in Beijing. Or so said that towering intellect David Miliband; was it ever explained why Beijing? No I don't think it was! Never mind, instead of a roadblock we get a Belgian van and Lady Wossername for the two top jobs in the EU.

There is a comedic tradition of poking fun at Belgium and the Belgians. We shall have to be careful. No longer can we say: “name ten famous Belgians” for fear of being asked to name ten good things about Lady Wossername!

Then much as you might imagine, the Euro-fanantics are busily pretending it has all worked out well, how happy they are and how grateful we all should be. One crumb of comfort here is that war criminal Tony Blair was dumped. Another crumb, for the USA and China, is that the vast majority of the political world will have to resort to Wikipedia to learn about Rompypomy and Wossername. So, far from being a significant force on the world stage, the EU is a joke led by two no-hopers.

However, the apparently mild and unassuming new President, Herman Van Rompuy, hides a pretty chilling political past according to the Brussels Journal.