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Afghan policewomen 2007Afghan policewomen 2007

The EU's training of the Afghan police force that Our Leader states is so vital for any exit strategy is evidently in such a mess that it is having to be taken over by NATO, financed by the US. The New York Times tells us that:

Two and a half years after it was started, the European Union’s police training mission in Afghanistan is understaffed, lacks adequate security and transportation, and has yet to develop a uniform training program and ..... is a logistical nightmare.

EU ministers Carl Bild and Javier Solana agree with this view and a few weeks ago, belatedly, sent a letter to EU ministers saying that:

The mission is long overdue. It remains significantly short of staff .....Delivering on our political commitments is a matter of E.U. credibility vis-à-vis the Afghan government and the entire international community.”

European diplomats say member states have been reluctant to send personnel because of the danger, low salaries and the lack of clear guidelines. Richard North elaborates.

Nothing daunted the EU now plans to train up to 2,000 Somali security forces in a bid to bring greater stability to the region.See EUobserver.

Between 100-200 EU soldiers are likely to carry out the training in Uganda, although several member states queried who would pay and equip the Somali forces once training was complete. I'm sure they could ask the Americans or else divert peanut growing subsidies from Romania or suchlike.

ps[url=http://www.openeurope.org.uk/research/top50waste.pdf] Open Europe [/url cites 50 new examples of EU waste just as incredible as the latter.