The election campaign begins.

Gordon - nice guy?

I'm nice.I'm nice.

Despite the fact that Nulabour has been instrumental in the closure of innumerable small care homes, Gordon Brown has tried to overturn a closure ruling in order that an 106 year old can remain in her care home, see here. This is partly because it is a sad story and mainly because it has been a high profile news story.

Despite the fact that Gordon Brown recently said that we had sufficient helicopters in Afghanistan he has just ordered 20 chinooks, see here. This is because the mother of Guardsman Jamie Janes, killed in Afghanistan, said that the army needed more helicopters and the phone conversation was recorded and widely aired. They should all be ready by 2017!

Despite emphasising that immigration has been good for Britain for the last 12 years, Gordon Brown now says that he 'gets it' and accepts that there should be certain restrictions and that immigrants should perhaps speak some English. Perhaps this relates to Neathergate?

The fact that we are heading for economic, energy and democratic meltdown is immaterial, the aim is to garner good publicity.