Gary McKinnon could help UK cybersecurity

He's already helped the USA

Gary McKinnonGary McKinnon

Whilst the government continues to dither regarding the outrageous extradition request from the USA and thus prolong the mental torture of poor Gary McKinnon, here is a solution. He could be given a job at the UK Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC), which is due to open in March 2010. The Cabinet Office states that:

"We need people who understand the 'teenage hacker mentality'. Of course, any staff who are recruited will need to pass the usual rigorous security vetting."

Gary would be an excellent addition to the team because he has greatly helped the USA improve its cybersecurity; in addition he has endured rigorous security surveillance for more than 4 years. Unfortunately, he is a moral man and, if he found out that the centre was doing anything that infringed the civil liberties of the population, he would doubtless become a whistleblower.

It is illuminating to realise that even the chair of the Home Affairs Committee, Keith Vaz, who has been implicated in numerous 'dodgy dealings' and supported the attack on Salmon Rushdie, has called for the extradition to be dropped. Gary won't get the job, hence the centre will probably bumble on like most government IT projects, in a mixture of incompetence and privacy infringement. Unlike Mr McKinnon, Mr Vaz has been well rewarded for his 'indiscretions' both financially and politically.