No communications

What a farce

Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
For some people it's been fun watching our corrupt MPs squirm under pressure due to the expenses' scandal. Well I say look out for trouble. The subject of MPs' pay and performance was a long time getting to this stage but is clearly moving along. We may conclude that some of the MPs were too busy going from one of their properties to another to notice the timetable of events.

Well, this is funny as some of them took part in the process of getting their pay and conditions to this decision point. Their agreement was sought and was given. Does this mean they signed up to something, that Kelly should make a report, an event for which they did not read the fine print?

This has been the case in the past when EU legislation came along. If you remember several MPs have happily declared they did not read the fine print of treaties which they then nodded into UK law. Well they've been caught out with Kelly and, being a lacklustre, vindictive lot will be looking for an opportunity to punish us all soon!

It's easy to see where the strike back might start. On the one hand Kelly says there is to be an independent regulator looking into MPs' behaviour. Yet at the same time the MPs are to have their communication allowance stopped. My MP has no website, is rubbish at answering letters and has no email. All he has to do is get even worse at replying to letters and he has put himself beyond my reach!