No politician is to be trusted now.

Equivocation was a lie.

 Tory EU-turn again Tory EU-turn again

I did think that Mr Cameron and Mr Hague were honourable men. They said that they would 'not let matters rest' regarding the Lisbon Treaty ratification and pretended they had a plan. Now we see that they did not and David Cameron even has the gall to say he will pass a 'Sovereignty Act' so that no further powers can be taken by the EU without a referendum. Either he is stupid or he thinks we are. Lisbon is a self-amending treaty. That's it.

So how can we believe the Conservatives when they say they will roll back the surveillance state, drop ID cards, the NIR, ContactPoint, ISA, the Intercept Modernisation Programme and so on?

We can't believe them and they probably won't be able to keep their promises under the terms of the Stockholm Programme, which contains chilling EU powers regarding police, security, data collection and transfer. Having lost control of immigration we must all now be subjected to loss of privacy in order to combat a problem created by the EU.

"What stands out are the proposals related to the Future Group report. A promise to balance better data protection and EU standards for "Privacy Enhancing Technology" with the law enforcement agencies demands for access to all information and communications. An "information system architecture" to bring about the sharing of all data across the EU. The use of "security technologies" to harness the "digital tsunami" to gather through mass surveillance personal data on peoples' everyday activities through public-private partnerships.

What is new is the clear aim of creating the surveillance society and the database state. Future generations, for whom this will be a fully developed reality, will look back at this era and rightly ask, why did you not act to stop it."

Tony Bunyan, Statewatch editor.