The EU, glad you're back!

Just like the old days

Did it ever go away? The EU is back on the agenda. Several newspapers, including the Telegraph, are pointing out that our busted banks are to have their future shaped by Neelie Kroes, an unelected EU Commissioner. True she studied economics at university and this puts her ahead of Adam Applegarth the ex-CEO of Northern Rock, who had no banking qualifications at all. But is this good enough? Perhaps you thought it was Gordon Brown who saved the world and our banks, well ain't it funny Brown is not making the big decisions here?

Then there's the mess the Tory party has got itself into over Lisbon. David Cameron is wholly responsible for this, he should have had a better game plan on the timetable. Anyone with even half a memory can recall he did promise a vote on Lisbon. Cameron has also claimed he is “Heir to Blair”. Now it was Blair who also made a promise on a referendum. So two broken promises from two politicians, how can you tell them apart?

And now Bill Cash is back. The rebel Tory MP has been quiet of late but the lid is once more off his box. Cash has a long and honourable track record as a eurosceptic. He knows how to make waves and is not deterred by those in his own party who would accuse him of making it hard for Cameron. This is crazy as Cameron has shown who can screw things up for his party without any help at all!