Blair, Merkel and chickens

Buying influence?

"No Herr Blair, keep them in your trousers""No Herr Blair, keep them in your trousers"
Are you bored bored by the 'will he won't he get the job' stuff filling the media? Well if you are, this is not for you. A while ago Tony Blair made an announcement concerning his testicles and that job, see HERE

As the man is a consummate liar, the speculation goes on. In the Spectator James Forsyth has posted this article, the crux being-

“Jean Peter Balkenende, who I am told Merkel favours, is neatly tucked up on the rails ready to break through when there is a gap in the field”.

What Merkel wants Merkel gets? The EU is in hock to the Germans, it has been since the start of the EU and before that. The Germans have just bailed out Opel in a way that would have got another country into trouble, this seems to underline the point. Are chickens coming home to roost? If so that will annoy Sarkozy!