No faith in what's going on

To laugh or cry, perhaps even pray?

It falls apart It falls apart
Well, who would have thought it possible, see HERE, faith schools larding it up a bit? This will come as no surprise to anyone who thinks that the very term 'faith school' is a step in the wrong direction. It's really funny that the people who would run such a school succumb to the temptation to indoctrinate small children.

Again it should come as no surprise that under Tony Blair's leadership of Nulabour the idea of faith schools took off. For here was a man for whom the subject of religion was a cameo to perform on the world stage. “Look at me,” his body language seemed to say as he met the Pope.

Under Tony Blair the Church of England was dealt a cruel blow in the shape of Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury. So the decline of the C of E and the rise of the Madrassa.

Rowan Williams has spoken in that nuanced waffling way of his about disestablishing the C of E along with the suspension of all faith schools, that would be a good idea.

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