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It seems that Afghanistan will have to vote again as the first result was 'wrong'. This happens in the EU too. For example the voters in France, Holland, Denmark and Ireland have all had to do it again. The reasons are very different I hear you say, well if you insist. However, do remember that no EU country that first voted yes has been asked to vote again. Is this a fiddle funny or what? Election fiddles take many forms, Hamid Karzai has been caught out on the classic election fiddle but there are far better ways of working than this old style. He should take a leaf out of the Nulabour book on how to do things and introduce postal voting. The Nulabour run North Birmingham postal vote scam shows the way.

In the 2004 local government elections, massive fraud occurred, mostly as a consequence of the postal voting system. Richard Mawrey QC famously stated at the Birmingham trial that the electoral fraud in the case 'would disgrace a banana republic.' More than 20,000 postal voters dropped off the register in the wards being investigated. Aspects of fraud have included: intimidation, a pillar box set on fire by party supporters who feared it might contain votes for the opposition, members of ethnic communities threatened with deportation if they didn't vote a particular way, children paid to collect ballot packs that hadn't been pushed fully through letterboxes, large numbers of voters having their ballot papers stolen or taken away for 'safe keeping' and the creation of fictitious electors' registration. The fact that ballot envelopes are easily distinguishable in the post can also be an open invitation for their theft. How can the police investigate all the complaints? They can't, so people get away with it. You have to know how and when to petition if you suspect fraud and must either fund your case or obtain legal aid. Hence, only the worst cases are investigated.
Not a ballot box Not a ballot box
But postal voting was introduced when none other than Tony Blair had his hand on the tiller. So if it's good enough for the great helmsman then it's good enough for the rest of the world. Mind you others would disagree, see HERE And also see HERE

Now we take a look at the way the recent referendum in Ireland was run, just throw money at one side and they win. It really is very simple! To paraphrase arch EU watcher Christopher Booker, this election broke rules you did not know existed! The scale of the cheek bordered on classic fraud, but was not. That's the smart thing about election fiddlers, they get away with it. Hamid Karzai is a fool, an expensive joke, we should no longer throw money or the lives of our troops his way.