Von Stauffenberg and democracy


65 years ago today, on the 20th July 1944, Claus von Stauffenberg attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

His son Count Franz Ludwig von Stauffenberg, a lawyer and politician, has helped petition the German Constitutional Court which has ruled to that Germany will have to strengthen the powers of its parliament before it can finally ratify the EU Lisbon treaty. Der Spiegel has the full story.

David Cameron has pledged a European referendum if the Treaty has not been ratified and he becomes Prime Minister.

A poll commissioned by Open Europe last month showed that 77 percent of Germans want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Count Von Stauffenberg said here:

"I had hoped that we could compel a re-think through an ordinary democratic manner, through argument, debate, and public pressure. This has totally failed. I’m not anti-European; I was long enough a CSU Member of the European Parliament. This Europe is no longer compatible with the basic structures of a democratic legal state.”