Pots and kettles

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The Liberal Democrat shadow Home Secretary, David Howarth, tries to claim the high ground regarding civil liberties. He says the Lib Dems will, like the Tories cancel: the NIR, ID cards and ContactPoint. Similarly they will also remove the innocent from the DNA database and roll back some of the RIPA powers. He mentions the unfair extradition treaty under which Gary Mackinnon is being extradited to the USA, which the Tories also oppose.

However, he castigates the Conservatives for not believing in major aspects of civil liberties, see here.

Well, hello! There is no mention of fast track extradition under the European arrest warrant, no mention of: the Stockholm project, IDABC. STORK, EURODAC, The EU data retention directive, the European Citizen card,e-ID and so on, all would appear to impact on civil liberties

He cheekily states: [i]\"Democracy doesn