Ignore the people

..The Telegraph reports that a YouGov poll for the paper has found that 57 (now 70) percent of voters think a Conservative government should hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty even if it is already ratified when it is elected, 15 percent say they shouldn't, and 23 percent are not sure. When asked how they would vote in a referendum, 36 percent said they would vote No, 13 percent said they would vote Yes, and 51 percent said they didn't know.

When asked if it was a choice between accepting the Treaty as it is, or leaving the EU altogether, 26 percent said they would accept the Treaty, 43 percent said leave the EU, and 31 percent said they were not sure.

In an interview with Saturday's Telegraph, David Cameron was quoted saying, \"I do not want Lisbon to be ratified. I think it's a bad treaty. I do not want a European constitution. My view is we should have a referendum if there is a chance of having a referendum because that treaty is not finalised and implemented, that is what we shall have. Full stop, end of story.\"

Yet it is only the beginning of the story. The Conservatives and even the Liberal Democrats keep claiming that they will scrap ID cards and say that, because we have an opt out from immigration and asylum within the EU, we do not have to comply with the proposed European

Barroso says he will appoint a Commissioner in charge of immigration. According to the paper, Britain will be obliged to take in up to 13 percent of all EU refugees as part of a common European asylum policy. The percentage share, which is worked out by population, would see Britain having to accept 30,940 refugees, more than any other country apart from Germany. Whatever one's views regarding this policy it doesn't sound as if we have much choice in the matter.

The policy to create European eID and an European Citizen card interoperable across borders because of harmonised security and technical features is well advanced. Ten countries already have e-ID and 13 are committed to doing so. The Services directive assumes interoperability infrastructure and STORK is examining more ambitious cross border initiatives; famously the then Home Secretary Jaqui Smith had never heard of STORK in reply to a parliamentary question.

The Conservatives simply say they will do away with ID cards and refuse to discuss the EU dimension. They talk about how they will reform the UK but still practise omerta regarding the EU, despite the fact that the people have strong views about this. So much for democracy.