Winner and losers

Davis proved right

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David Davis can now savour the taste of success for he, like many others, played a part in the battle to scupper the 42 day detention without charge scheme beloved of Gordon Brown and Nulabour. It is a pity the attention of the media is so fixed on other matters otherwise the coverage would be greater. In the Guardian today the headline for this reads -

David Davis 'vindicated' by defeat of 42-day detention

This was written by Andrew Sparrow and is in full HERE.

It was all a bit different back in July this year when in the same newspaper Michael White (below right) Loser - 1Loser - 1went all sniffy and tried to rubbish Davis's actions see HERE. In White's best pooh-pooh manner he wrote -

"Bloggers and newspaper letter-writers have been vocal in the MP's support, political professionals have been quietly embarrassed by what strikes many as an act of pointless exhibitionism."

Then White in an attempt to put the boot into Davis kicks himself in the arse with -

"And he's placed a question mark around his judgment and reputation as a team player. At least, that's what I think, and I meet few people in what Davis dismisses as the "Westminster village" who disagree."

Well Andrew Sparrow writing in the Guardian does! So there is a question mark hanging over White too.

Loser - 2 Loser - 2
Perhaps White also meets few people who think that the loss of this parliamentary bill is significant to the general health of Nulabour; or perhaps he just meets few people? It is true that right now most people are hoping to hang on to their job, house and savings. But it is truly pompous to think that outside of the Westminster village only a few people are bothered by concepts like over-lengthy detention without trial, being too busy with more pressing matters like staving off unemployment. The fact is Nulabour has now an established reputation of taking away from ordinary people more than they give back.

Mind you not only White got the Davis protest wrong, so did Kelvin Mackenzie (above right) ex-editor of the Sun. Big Mac was going to stand against Davis in the Haltemprice and Howden by-election, on orders of his ex-boss Rupert Murdoch. For more on this see HERE.

I wonder if White and Mackenzie meet regularly and get on well together?