Anyone in charge?

Gdansk Monument of SolidarityGdansk Monument of Solidarity

Oh dear. Just when we in the UK have privatised anything that moves including government agencies - even arcane areas such as the Land Registry! We have privatised water and energy and have no credible energy planning. We have a mere week's supply of gas and we pay high prices for this because we have such low storage capacity.

The government may blame the energy companies but it's not their job to ensure national supplies, that should be a job for government. The energy and water companies are also businesses and their job is to make money for shareholders. The person in charge of energy security is is now Ed Miliband, God help us.( At least I think so, cabinet roles are much like a game of musical chairs).

Many our coal-fired and nuclear stations are ageing, under repair or don't comply with EU rules and have to close soon. Subsidies are poured into renewables but not into run of the mill power generation. We have to pay for this in increased bills. Why? Because the EU says so. We must comply with competition rules and not give state aid and, being well behaved, we Brits have obediently done this.
You can change his clothes too!You can change his clothes too!

Times change and we are allowed to give state aid to failing banks but only once we received permission from Brussels.

Now a real volte face. Our present EU President Sarkozy,see here, acting like Barbie's Ken on steroids, says that:

"We should be able to manufacture ships, cars, aeroplanes in Europe because Europe needs a strong industry and on that policy the presidency will stand up and fight."

He also proposed that European governments set up sovereign wealth funds to buy stakes in EU companies to keep them safe from takeovers by foreign ones.

"Stock markets are at historic lows. I do not want European citizens to wake up a few months from now and discover that European companies belong to non-European capital which has bought at the lowest point of the stock exchange."

That's really annoying. Just when we'd sold off moreorless everything! Hello, the Germans don't agree with Sarkozy. See here.

So it's all change yet, at the same time the European Commission is hostile to Poland's ship-building yards in Gdansk, Gdynia and Szczecin and says that they must close. Polish shipyards have enjoyed state aid worth at least €1.3 billion since Poland joined the EU in 2004 – something illegal under EU law, unless paired with economic restructuring of the business.

The unelected commission has demanded that Gdansk sharply cut back its capacity or…handover tens of millions of pounds…a move that could propel it into bankruptcy. The remaining 3,000 shipyard workers, many veterans of the fight for free markers, are about to succumb to the very free markets they fought and died for.

Could it be that German shipyards in Rostock and Straslund stand to pick up contracts from
potential Polish closures? The French government is also keen to attract new ship-building deals from South Korea.

Anyway, they make it up as they go along. It's only the Brits and probably countries such
Holland and Sweden that take rules seriously. So it'll be rules against state subsidy for the Gdansk shipyards yet state subsidies for Alitalia the troubled Italian airline. How come Silvio Berlusconi gets a hand out but Donald Tusk does not?

It is all so complicated with world organisations and EU regulations tying us all up in knots that no-one understands it all. Mr Cameron wants the Bank of England to regain control of our banking system and wants to remove or reduce VAT in certain circumstances. We all think this impossible under EU rules.
Metric MartyrsMetric Martyrs
Does he know this? Does he care? Can't we just break the rules, refuse to pay any fines like other countries and just do what is sensible? That is if there is still anyone sensible out there. One thinks of : £15,000 costs and a criminal conviction for selling veg by the pound, £4,000 won by a headscarf wearing Muslim woman who was refused a job in a hairdressers, prisoners dealing in drugs using mobile phones whilst in prison and on and on and on.

The people who make and enforce our laws are not fit for purpose and Gdansk, that symbol of liberty from communist domination is but an example as it is crushed by the forces of bureaucracy.