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Gordon is a moron?

huggable Brownhuggable BrownWay back in 1978 the nation whistled and hummed the chorus line: "Gordon is a moron" from the song Jilted John. In those far off days there was no New Labour, back then we had punk new wave. The singer/songwriter Graham Fellows, as Jilted John performed one of the funniest songs in years. It was a tale of teenage angst, the girl was called Julie, went to number four in the charts and had several 'Top of the Pops' appearances. Oh how we laughed. Well, time moves on and now we have Gordon Brown to entertain us. Gordon is not having trouble with Julie but with the EU treaty/constitution. All of his new mates in the other EU countries have faced up to the fact that the 'new' tre/con, signed up to by his old mate Tony, is the same one that was rejected by the French and the Dutch.

Most EU leaders are happy with this, and are on record as saying so. Not Gordon. He seems to think it is a new document. So then, he thinks he can dump the 2005 New Labour manifesto promise of a referendum. It is a fact that small children have vivid imaginations. This leads them to 'invent' situations, and what is wrong with a little pre-school fibbing you may ask? One of the features of teenage years is the lack of self confidence, but such is the level of pretend in the cabinet, coupled with the total disregard of the voters who put New Labour in to power in 2005; it leads one to think, that if Gordon has no confidence in us, why should we have any in him? Far from the 'big clunking fist', which is how the more pugilistic section of the Brown team would have us label the new PM, he is a booby. He has run off to hide at the first, and foremost, challenge of his Premiership.

So here is our challenge, contact us if you can find another elected leader who agrees with Gordon, namely that the tre/con is a new document. The EU fanatics are always telling us how bad it is to be isolated within Europe. Here it seems, we have, apart from a bit of help from the Poles and maybe a few more minor players, been totally isolated. The Poles and others were attempting to get concessions from the original tre/con. What Gordon is doing is delusional. For the proof we go to Article 9, it makes clear that The European Council formally becomes an EU institution and hence the EU government. The heads of government then are no longer to represent their own countries. Also made clear is that the Union will be allowed new powers under a catch-all clause in case they have forgotten anything. Hidden away in Article 262 it says that the EU 'may establish new categories of own resources' sic .Translated, this means the power to levy its own taxes. Altogether not what could be described as a 'tidying up' exercise. Pull the other one Gordon.Excellent synopsis here.

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"Sometimes I like to compare the EU as a creation to the organisation of empires. We have the dimension of Empire but there is a great difference. Empires were usually made with force with a centre imposing diktat, a will on the others. Now what we have is the first non-Imperial empire. We have 27 countries that fully decided to work together and to pool their sovereignty. I believe it is a great construction and we should be proud of it. At least, we in the Commission are proud of it." President Barroso. Strasbourg press conference July 10th 2007.