Dumbed down government

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Councillor Liz Santry, Haringey Cabinet member for Children and Young People, issued a statement claiming the council had acted correctly. It said:

"The Council moved swiftly after the death of Baby P to check our child protection procedures, and strengthen them where necessary."

70% of a social worker's time is evidently spent on paperwork. No doubt this will now increase.

The unemployment figures approach 2 million ( and that's without the nearly 8 million classed as 'economically inactive' according to the Office for National Statistics) yet there seems to be no slowdown in the rise of public sector jobs which have increased by 800,000 since 1997.
Even Richard Littlejohn says he is beginning to lose his sense of humour.

Recession? What recession? Yesterday's Guardian carried more than 30 pages of adverts for assorted project managers, facilitators, co-ordinators, support workers and general factotums, as it has done every week for at least the past two decades. In yesterday's Guardian, for instance, Nottinghamshire NHS was advertising for an assistant director of equality and human rights, salary up to £77,179 a year. 'Acting as our champion on equality, diversity and human rights, you will work in collaboration with our external partners to develop and co-ordinate strategic policies.'
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The Evening Standard tells us that:

More than 200 Muslims at a packed public meeting in Tower Hamlets were told by organiser Anjem Choudary: "We have a special surprise, a special treat for you. Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad will be joining us on a live feed from Lebanon..... As Muslims, we will not submit to any man-made law, any government, or any prime minister - Bush or Brown - or [to] Jacqui Smith. We submit to Allah. It is our religious obligation to prepare ourselves both physically and mentally and rise up against Muslim oppression and take what is rightfully ours.....Jihad is a duty and a struggle and an obligation that lies upon the shoulders of us all. We will not rest until the flag of Allah and the flag of Islam is raised above 10 Downing Street... (Loud cheers of "Allah Akbar"). There are three types of Muslims, those in prison, those of us that are on our way [to prison] and non-practising Muslims. Brothers and sisters, if you do not fear your home being raided by the Kufar [non-believer] police, you are not enforcing the Sharia."
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When asked about this the Home Office said:

"The UK is determined to stop those who spread extremism through preaching violent messages in our communities, but it is for the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to investigate any breach of the law."

But when told of this, a Metropolitan Police spokesman was nonplussed:

"It's the Home Office that makes the laws," he said. "If it doesn't know whether something is against the law, then who does?"

Energy experts questioned by the See BBC are belatedly warning that this country will face an unacceptable risk of major blackouts in less than 10 years unless policy is radically improved (many other people believe this will happen much sooner).They say the government is to blame because it has dithered over policies vital to energy security and climate security.
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Yet, Mike O'Brien of the Department of Energy and Climate Change when asked about this stated that there would be no shortage of generation capacity - in fact the opposite, a thirty seven percent over supply in 2015. but couldn't say how. He sounded scared stiff, babbled and the Radio 4 lady interviewer was very kind.

The Kafkaesque attempt by the West Midlands Police (WMP) to prosecute Channel 4 for 'inciting racial hatred' has become a sick joke. Channel 4 portrayed rabble rousing imams railing against kuffars, homosexuals, jews and women and spitting hatred of almost everything yet the WMP decided to back the imams. Channel 4 sued the West Midlands' Police force, and was awarded 100,000 which they are to give to charity.See tee2i.

Yet, frighteningly Chief Constable Sir Paul Scott-Lee QPM is a possible contender to succeed Sir Ian Blair at the Met!
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Part of the blame for the global meltdown has been put on the EU's recently rescinded mark to market rules. The American papers have discussed this at length yet in the UK it has barely been mentioned.

We are led by incompetents and fools and both our government in Brussels and Westminster, and they wonder why there is voter apathy.

criminal 1 Charlotte Denis arrested for wearing 'offensive' slogan on t-shirt

criminal 2 Janet Devers' crime was selling vegetables by the pound.

Criminal 3 Sarah Desrosiers, owner of London’s Wedge Hair Salon. Wouldn't give a job to Muslim girl (agent provocateur?) wearing a headscarf

criminal 4 Georgina cat caught breaking the Animal Welfare Code of Practice.