42 days - a sticking plaster

Police protect 
Abu HamzaPolice protect Abu Hamza
I dearly hope he doesn't but Gordon Brown may win his bill to detain terrorist suspects for 42 days. He is supported by 65% of the population, some of our top politically appointed plods and security security staff, Ann Widdecombe and even the editor of the Sunday Telegraph! Our media often says that we already have the longest detention without charge in Europe but these are mere weasel words. Under the European system of corpus juris a person can be imprisoned on a very flimsy charge pending investigation. People are held up to 6 months but this can be and often is, extended. So, whether or not the 42 day detention is passed into law, in the future we will see longer detentions after the passage of the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution.

Also, this will not be restricted to alleged terrorists; we have already seen how counter terrorism legislation has been used for all sorts of minor offences in the UK. Gordon is terrified about terrorism and well he might be. We have a system of unrestricted immigration and border security and the government hasn't a clue who is here. We have granted visas to imams who cannot speak English and about whom we know little and care less. The government can't even expel very dangerous people even when they have been proven to be a threat to security. The claim is 'Human Rights Legislation'. However, other EU countries seem to manage to evict people with ease.

A recent trawl by a private agency of Company's House found that 15 terrorists and high profile criminals wanted abroad were registered as directors of British companies - and this was just a cursory check. We allow an Iranian bank to operate openly yet the same bank has been banned by the US for funnelling funds to insurgents. The Home Office's crime reduction website has recently been hacked and replaced by a hoax bank site.
Calais, waiting to
go to the UKCalais, waiting to go to the UK
Hizb ut-Tahrir is banned in many countries yet is allowed to operate here; we also have the banned Sikh Youth Federation operating under another name. Certain 'faith' groups are invited to give their views on all sorts of issues yet atheists and humanists and, now we find, even Christian groups are not consulted. The universities refuse to co-operate in reporting any suspicious activities which might relate to terrorism yet call for a boycott of Israeli academics. Prison warders are scared of 'offending' Muslim prisoners and prisons are so insecure that drug deals are made using mobile phones. So, yet again we find that a sticking plaster is being applied to a problem that is
of this government's own making.

Money is to go to create yet more initiatives to tackle alcoholism yet this government allows 24 hour drinking and grants more or less every corner shop a licence to sell alcohol. It has created inner city ghettos of poorly educated, violent youth where interracial antagonisms are myriad. It is now saying that persons over 16 in possession of knives must be prosecuted. Where are you going to put them Gordon? The jails are bursting.

Incompetence, stupidity, political correctness have created a problem. Yet the government's only answer is to curtail our hard won civil liberties. When, one can barely hope if, the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution is passed then even that portion of legislature which is still the responsibility of Westminster will eventually be removed and perhaps even the mainstream media will realise that things can get even worse.