Hurrah! Saved by Ireland

We think it's all over but do they?

Hurrah, a victory for the only country that has been allowed a vote on the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution. However, the NO vote will be rather a Pyrrhic victory as, far from being an end to the Constitution/Treaty, it will merely mean more manoeuvring by the bureaucrats. The Treaty is already being being implemented because the European Commission doesn't do democracy. Its end of a harmonised EU tied together by myriad rules, regulations and laws justifies the means by which this obtained, namely a stealthy takeover of national jurisdiction without consulting the people - because of course this is all too complicated for us, the people, to understand.

Whereas about 65% of the British population wish either to leave of renegotiate Britain's ties with the EU, Gordon Brown tries to gain brownie points by detaining terrorists for 42 days; this is in line with the EU because our colleagues can, and do, charge people with minor crimes, detain them for lengthy periods, and continue the investigation. The Lisbon Treaty/Constitution will start to establish Corpus Juris throughout the EU, so Mr Brown had to get started on longer detention periods, in order to creep up to the stated 6 months as decreed by our unelected government in Brussels. Our own parliament tells us that: The new Reform treaty will ensure that criminal justice is eventually brought under the decision-making powers of the central authorities of the EU.

The Select Committee on European Union Written Evidence presented a Memorandum by Mr Torquil Dick-Erikson 7) where he says that:
Continental stylePolicing- Continental style
Article 20.3.(g) grants powers—denominated powers of investigation—to the European Public Prosecutor to order the incarceration of a suspect, for a period of up to six months, renewable for three months at a time. This "order" is countersigned by the so-called "judge of freedoms" on the continental Napoleonic model. These two work together in tandem on case after case, and are colleagues and members of the same professional brotherhood—the career judiciary, from which the defending lawyers are excluded. The decisions on pre-trial detention are taken in the privacy of the judge's office, and there is no obligation on the "judge of freedoms" to examine any evidence that his colleague may, or may not, have collected to show that there be a prima facie case to answer. So there is an end to Habeas Corpus. See Hansard.

The Conservatives are on 40% to Labour's 26%. Surely this is a time for them to show their colours. We have hero David Davis fighting for our rights. Let us hope that the link between 42 days and Corpus Juris with its even more draconian detention laws is made. David Davis can't have it just one way in order to keep quiet on Europe. The Sun's Kelvin MacKenzie can't be for 42 days and against Lisbon. (Nick Clegg can because he's a Lib Dem.)

Anyway, congratulations to the Irish for voting for sense and democracy. It's made a lot of people in the EU who were denied their own vote very happy. Thank you.