Brussels Spring?

Alexander Dubcek
January 1968Alexander Dubcek January 1968By no means wishing to trivialise the suffering of the Eastern European populations under Soviet rule there are many similarities between that situation and European Union's hold over its nation states now: misinformation, rewriting history, propaganda, bullying, corruption, lack of democracy ......

The Prague Spring began on January 5th 1968 and ended with the Soviet invasion of August 21st of the same year. The Czechs had to wait over 20 years until 1989 for the Velvet Revolution and freedom from Soviet oppression.

Let us hope that the Czechs can save us from the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution.
Vaclav Klaus said in 2002 :
To be a Euro-realist means more than seeing the EU as a 'history-making idea.' It also means the ability to understand it as an institution controlled by a system of overpaid bureaucrats and managers who serve specific interests and strategies—a network of pressure groups, riven by conflicts that would be counterproductive to conceal.

He also asked whether we should continue Maastricht’s technocratic trajectory of European unification:
“I think that...we have to start reversing some of the trends and tendencies of the past decade....It seems to me that we have to respect parliamentary democracies in all of our countries and the sovereignty of member countries....It is essential, in my opinion, that the next intergovernmental conference put an end to the creeping...unification of the continent and formulate, by means of quasi-constitutional documents or in some other way, the final goal of the European integration process.” Isn’t the expansion of majority voting in the EU the first step toward a Euro-tyranny? See here.

Prague Aug.21 1968Prague Aug.21 1968
Good man. Klaus is now President and Czechoslovakia has the rotating presidency of the EU beginning on January 1st 2009 - the very day that the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution should come into force.

This time our man speaks for the people when he says:
The project is over in its entirety,after the rejection of the EU pact by Irish voters last week :It makes no sense to continue the ratification of a dead document. The Irish No vote represents a victory for freedom and reason over artificial elitist projects and European bureaucracy. See euobserver

The man actually talks like a human being! The Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek has said that he considers the Czech ratification process discontinued but is later quoted as saying that he did not consider the Irish No in any way less binding than the French and Dutch Noes of 2005! The parliamentary parties are split and the Czech constitutional court is considering whether the Lisbon Treaty is in harmony with the Czech constitution. So, it's all up in the air - bar the bullying from more powerful countries.

We Brits aren't given a vote, our Prime Minister is carrying on doing what he is told to say and do by Brussels and that former bastion of common sense and integrity the House of Lords is probably going to wave it through. Many Peers have lost their souls and are simply political party lambs.
Not dead - just resting?Not dead - just resting?
So let's give thanks yet again to the Irish, hope David Davis mentions the EU and hope that the Czechs can have a Brussels Spring. It could be a long fight.