Green McCarthyism

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I have to keep reading articles such as this one from the Daily Mail. See here.
I have to keep checking this information because it is so hard to believe that all of our main parties adhere to a policy that is so utterly mad. The following is from the article by Christopher Booker.

We must meet a target set by the EU, which requires Britain within the next 12 years to generate 38 per cent of our electricity from 'renewable' energy sources.

At present, barely 1 per cent of this country's power comes from the 2,000 wind turbines already built - less than the output of a single conventional power station.

That is why, in response to the EU's requirements, the Government is today publishing its plans for a massive new drive to build thousands more turbines, at the staggering cost of £100 billion. To comply with the EU's wishes, we would actually need to build at least 30,000 turbines.
a little winda little wind

In fact, as the Government knows, there is not the remotest chance that we can meet that EU target, which is why it talks about building only 10,500 new turbines - 7,000 offshore, another 3,500 across our countryside. There isn't, in fact, the faintest chance that we can meet even the Government's own much smaller target.

To build those turbines offshore alone would mean lowering 7,000 colossal steel structures into the seabed, each the size of Blackpool Tower, at a rate of more than two every working day between now and 2020. This is the unavoidable fact that wind speeds around the British Isles are constantly varying, often providing no power at all - so that the electricity actually generated by these turbines represents only between a quarter and a third of their nominal 'capacity'.

What this means is that conventional coal, gas, oil or nuclear-fired power stations must be on permanent stand-by to provide all the electricity the turbines are not able to produce when the wind is not blowing.

Earlier this month, Paul Golby, the chief executive of the German-owned E.ON (one of our largest electricity companies), came up with the shattering admission that the back-up needed for our new wind turbines would amount to 90 per cent of their capacity.

For the sum of £100 billion which the Government plans to spend on the new turbines, we could buy 37 'carbon-free' nuclear power stations at current prices, permanently supplying enough electricity to cover all our current needs.And we need this new generating capacity right now.
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Within seven years, due to the obsolescence of the existing nuclear plants (which still supply 20 per cent of our electricity) and the forced closure of nine more coal and oil-fired plants under new EU anti-pollution rules, we stand to lose well over a third of the capacity we need to meet peak demand. The wind itself may be free, but the cost of harnessing it (and providing the vital backup) makes electricity from wind up to three times more expensive than that from the conventional power plants, which still provide 96 per cent of all our electricity.

The only reason why it pays developers to build turbines is the huge hidden subsidy we all give them through our electricity bills.

The electricity companies are compelled by law to buy the energy from these turbines at nearly twice the normal price - and then pass on the extra cost to us.

In years to come, we shall look back on 'the great wind scam' as having been one of the greatest blunders of our age.