Things cannot get worse

or can they?

It was this week that the Telegraph published an article with the headline - Zimbabwe's last white farmer forced to quit see HERE

Also this week in a plan which has, by some of my friends, been mischievously described as being the end of the white male worker, we see the dead hand of Nulabour heavy-weight, Harriet Harman (see right); and the Times, with the headline, Harriet Harman unruffled as her Equality Bill is met with pride and prejudice see HERE

It was also this week that we had the Henley by-election, here the wishes of a psychopathic bully and a scary social engineer counted for nothing. It was all down to the voter and his, or her, preferences or prejudices.

The election, in a safe Tory seat, was all white but included two women. It was free and fair so can be used, with care, as a litmus test for the whole of the UK. As we now know the white male Nulabour candidate, Richard McKenzie (see below), lost his deposit and got only 1066 votes.

And it gets worse, since the 2001 election in Henley the Nulabour loss of support is spectacular. Then Nulabour took 21% of the vote, this week only 3%. \"Things can only get better\" I hear you cry, right, but perhaps not \"right on\" and certainly not right now, or in the near future it would seem.
Less? Less?
Harriet Harman's Equality Bill sets out, as you might have guessed, to 'tackle' inequality and now doubt was welcomed by Gordon Brown. That it introduces as many problems as it sets out to solve is, like Nulabour, irrelevant.

So dealing with the Nulabour's declining popularity can obviously wait, aren't they quaint?

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