Human Rights are lucrative.

Shabina BegumShabina BegumCherie Blair gave a lecture at Chatham house, organised by the Radio 4 Today programme and the Royal Institute of International Affairs. There was no mention of fees but she said that:\"Culture and religion cannot be used as an excuse for discriminating against women.\"

Well, to the woman on the Clapham Omnibus, that was the excuse used when 13 year old Shabina Begum, the Luton schoolgirl was said to be so keen to wear the jilbab, that she missed 3 years of school and her projected straight A grades at GCSE and her dream of becoming a doctor. Fortunately the sensible House of Lords overruled the Appeal ruling that she could wear the Jilbab. Her brother who was linked to Hizb ut-Tahir, was very disappointed. Not so her legal team, headed by Cherie Booth, who must have made a nice little sum. Was this a good use of legal aid and charitable fees? The Children's Legal Centre, a charity, has a section called the 'Refugee and Asylum Seeking Children's Project, and this charity 'supported' Shabina. No doubt Cherie claimed that this was not discrimination or intimidation but the human right of an orphaned schoolgirl to be used to determine a fine point of law.