No-one blamed

Stefan Kiszko, mum and auntieStefan Kiszko, mum and auntieRonald Castree has been given a life sentence for the murder of the little girl Lesley Molseed 32 years ago. The judge also castigated him for allowing an innocent man to spend 16 years in jail. Stefan Kiszko was wrongly accused of Lesley's murder, suffered unimaginable horrors in Wakefield and Grendon Underwood prisons and, as a result, became a schizophrenic. He died soon after his release as did his mother. However, it was not only Ronald Castree who was at fault.

The police as they say 'stitched him up'. In 1994 the two surviving senior officers on the case Ronald Outteridge and Dick Holland were charged with suppressing evidence against Stefan. The case never went to court. The Yorkshire police and the forensic scientists all refused to apologise to Mr Kiszco on his release. The fact that he was infertile and that he couldn't have left sperm at the crime scene seemingly passed over. Evidence from his endocrinologist could have proven his innocence but was not asked for. Shouldn't this person have spoken up?The legal teams also escaped censure. The defence QC David (now Baron) Waddington had a meteoric rise to fame becoming Home Secretary, and Leader of the House of Lords. The prosecuting QC Peter Taylor became Lord Chief Justice. As for the three girls who falsely accused him of exposing himself to them and stalking 'for a laugh', well, maybe a ticking off was given, and maybe not.

We are always hearing about anti-social behaviour by young people and that this must be stopped. Perhaps that should also apply to the élites in society. This was corporate incompetence and corruption by a large group of police, scientific and legal people and the result was, in effect, corporate manslaughter and mental and physical torture of an innocent man for 16 years. No-one has been blamed or even suffered any shame or censure. Important people don't any more it would seem. David Blunkett, the Blairs ( Ian and Tony), John Prescott, Margaret Beckett and now Jacqui Smith ...the list goes on. They are even rewarded with invitations to talk on 'learned' panels on the media, books are freely advertised and some are given important international jobs. John Profumo bitterly repented and spent his life atoning. Yet he was hounded beyond the grave. Now such people are rewarded.