NO2IDNO2IDCrikey! What larks. Did an official at Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs send out the data on 15 million child benefit claimants on unencrypted CDs as a joke? I think I would prefer this scenario. To think it was done in good faith means that the politicians have put in place bureaucrats who are on the same wavelength but haven't a clue about the real world. I heard an official say that there had been no 'Health and Safety assessment' done before the discs were sent. Words fail me.

So, I'm sure anyone in their right mind would agree that our government cannot cope with large-scale IT projects. Yet, nothing daunted Go4it Gordon ( the author of several books on courage) has bravely said that if only we had biometric databases as in ID cards it would all be OK. Is he kidding? No, I really think he was serious. So that, the 25 million people would have also had their fingerprints and iris scans contained on the two lost CDs. Crazy man. We have also recently been told that the European Union intended to ask all female ( but not male) EU citizens details of 'consensual unions' or sexual partners? It has now changed its mind. However, the important query is, surely, why are we having a European census. I won't be filling it in 'consensual unions' or not.How many CDs will be needed for this and what is the Greek for encryption?

We put them in thereWe put them in there There are other databases such as the NHS records databases that we can opt out of, see The Big Opt Out, for the time being. However, there is one database that seems pretty sinister. This is Contactpoint, formerly the children's index, and it will keep records of every contact a child has with police, health, local authorities etc etc. Following the torture and murder of Victoria ClimbiƩ there were there was the Laming Report, out of which came 108 recommendations, one of which was a universal child database. By 2008 we will have all our children's details on a massive database and they cannot opt out. Locating children who need help may well become more rather than less difficult when we have so much information floating around. Also, do these details get sent out on unencrypted CDs. Only joking?