President Blair?

Super, President BlairSuper, President BlairWhilst the country and the British press are agog over New Labour sleaze allegations, the EU referendum debate has seemingly disappeared. However, just when you thought that Tony Blair was quietly ensconced in his Grosvenor Square offices, rented at £550,000 per annum with a ten year lease, in order to be the Middle East envoy for the quartet; we find that Go4it Gordon Brown has signed the final treaty allowing one person to hold the post of European Commission President and EU president. And yes, our Tony is a contender. Just when we thought we'd got rid of him, he may arise like the phoenix. The fact that the EU books have not been signed off for the thirteenth year, the fact that the whistleblower and EU accountant Marta Andreasen was sacked, the fact that the entire Commission had to resign in 1999 because of corruption and mismanagement and the Eurostat scandal caused mere ripples in our press compared to New Labour funding scams. Sleaze and spin, EU style, is a whole new ball game yet it is not nearly as much fun as our home grown one because of diplomatic immunity and really clever obfuscation.