Smart Alex

Or big ninny?

Two! - see below for an explanationTwo! - see below for an explanation
There is a very old pub song with the line, “four and twenty virgins set out for Inverness”; the last time I saw this song 'performed' that was as far as it got as everyone fell about laughing. Well look out Inverness I say, as this year you have the SNP conference to contend with too. But then every time the SNP meets up for a conference people fall about laughing. There was the time when Alex Salmond (see right and footnote) suggested that Scotland could join in with Iceland and the Nordic countries in an “arc of prosperity”, soon after Iceland went belly up.

Salmond also suggested that independent countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland were among the few countries in Europe not heading towards recession. A very odd remark that, as other independent countries within the EU were well into recession, so perhaps 'independence' is not the ticket out of recession Salmond seems to think it is. Note also Norway is on Salmond's list, again very odd. Norway is not a member of the EU and Salmond is so pro-EU it's a form of fundamentalism with him. Naturally Salmond had opinions on the collapse of the Scottish banks Royal Bank of Scotland and HBOS. They were funny too as Salmond was once an economist at RBS. But of course it was nothing to do with him!

So what of this year's conference? Well you will be pleased to know the man Salmond never tires and this year's fatuous remarks are well up to standard. First he declares that the actions of SNP Minister Kenny MacAskill, in setting Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi free, put him up alongside Mahatma Gandhi. That you may find funny or sick, it's up to you. However, I suggest that Salmond's other offering, that he wished to see: “Westminster dangling from a Scottish rope” is both deranged and inverted. And by that I mean he correctly surmises that an increasing number of people both sides of the border would like to see him hung out to dry.

There will come a time, perhaps soon, when Salmond and his belligerence will cease to be useful, then what? It's a bit like Nulabour and Gordon Brown, you see them go up knowing they will soon be coming down. The reason you watch, the fascinating thing about it all, is you can see this, they can't. If Scots generally, the political Scots particularly, want to do something about this perceived tendency to belligerence then action is required, soon.


I like the picture of Salmond above. That slightly slobby, belligerent look on Salmond's face says a great deal about the man.

I also think it looks like Salmond is replying to the question - “Mr Salmond, how many brain cells do you have?”

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