Bollocks to Brussels

Now the pain!

Has there been an accident? Has there been an accident?

When Sun reporter Trevor Kavanagh wrote up his interview with Tony Blair in June of this year it carried the Blair quote:

"I would rather nail my testicles to a speeding train than be President of the European Union,"

this was a generous gift of Blair to the tabloids, if not the world. For then we could all wonder if Blair was talking bollocks yet again. This was a trait that served him well when in power, why should the old dog bother to learn new tricks?

Then yesterday Vaclav Klaus said:

"The train carrying the treaty is going so fast and it's so far that it can't be stopped or returned, no matter how much some of us would want that."

This double reference to trains brought tears to the eyes of more than just eurosceptics. No doubt the upper reaches of the Tory Party were a bit mournful as well, for the act of hiding behind Klaus had come to an end. To look on the bright side, it had done so after the party conference; but not so good was that it was also before a general election. Even so if the Tories want to form a future government and can't deal with this subject, then it's fair to say they are not fit to lead.

The Irish EU Commissioner, Charlie McCreevy, is on record as suggesting that 95% of the EU would vote against Lisbon if they had the chance. Skewed democracy is popular with the EU as only those who voted against Lisbon got a second chance to vote. No country who voted yes was ever asked to vote again, just to be sure!

So here comes the first big test of the incoming government, let's hope they can cope with the pain!