Kirkaldy man in a grump

How not to lead a country?

Lies this big Lies this big
Reports from the Pittsburgh G20 suggest that the Pittsburgh Police were hyperactive against the demonstrators and this was in direct contrast to the delegates attending, they achieved nothing. Well almost nothing, one delegate, a James Gordon Brown of Kirkaldy, managed to make a fool of himself. Then again perhaps that is not an achievement more like the default state. Kirkaldy man likes to tell us of how he “saved the world”, this fibbing has to stop, as one Barack Hussein Obama of Honolulu suggested the very same thing at the G20. As Honolulu man has more money this will tell in the end, so we should beware.

Flushed by his success at the G20 Kircaldy man prepared himself for another task, the Nulabour Party Conference. This would be different, Kirkaldy man would be the centre of attention. And so he was! Alas for all the wrong reasons. Kirkaldy man's speech was the usual bellowing session with odd hand gestures thrown in for entertainment. No doubt buried in the text was all you needed to know about “lefting people out of puverty”, but few people were listening. What mattered was enacted outside the conference control zone.

Kirkaldy man and his Ministers gave one disastrous interview after another. Soon the world was awash with these video clips and the nation was roaring with laughter. Equally funny were reports of the more excitable members of the Nulabour tribe berating journalists attending the conference who had 'attacked' some gormless minister. As if the fault here lay with the journalist and not the minister! However, the prize for 'Best YouTube video in show' must go to the ITV interview with Adam Boulton. Here it is, enjoy!