Brown, Hesford and Scotland

The law of the land?

Two dumpsters together Two dumpsters together
The MP Stephen Hesford has resigned, and who's Stephen Hesford? He's a very junior part of Nulabour, but that's not the problem; so what is? Well he has resigned over the Baroness Scotland case and even that's just a part of the problem. For the real problem here is Gordon (bottler) Brown, again. The PM is quite happy for his employees, like Scotland, to introduce reams of poor quality legislation that will trap the unwary as much as the guilty, so he is responsible.

Some thoughtful people have said there is little point in a witch hunt aimed at Scotland, that's true enough, but it serves the purpose of getting back at Nulabour. It vents years of frustration built up by this sort of legislation being dropped on small businesses all over the UK. Scotland failed in a procedure to check that a worker had a legal right to be here. Now simple minded folk may recall when the UK controlled its own borders; perhaps the legal right to enter and work in the UK should be decided by people better qualified than an employer.

However, the PM and his team misread this case. Brown should have sacked Scotland at once, this would have shut down this story pronto. In the good old days the PM was known as a “big clunking fist”, not any more. Now he's bottler Brown, weak and risible. The fact that Scotland is black and female should not play a part here, but you know Nulabour as well as anybody else. So Brown dithered and the story ran on and on, it makes you see how much Nulabour needs the likes of Damian McBride and his spin skills.

It should have been a good time for the PM. He has collected an award from America. The cynic may say it's a silly gong from the US, indeed, it's for being 'Statesman of the Year' and from an organisation called ‘Appeal of Conscience’ and I'll hazard a guess you have never heard of them before. Neither can I say how the scoring went so that such a no-hoper as Brown comes out top. But 'his' story and the Scotland saga share the honours on the front pages, clearly it would have been better for the PM to have led the way and had the front pages to himself.

Some joker suggested that at the ceremony Josef Fritzl got the 'Dad of the year' award! But back home it's equally as funny to hear Scotland claim that her offence is no worse than not paying the congestion charge. This sort of remark is a gift to the BNP. They will claim that illegal workers are as much a 'congestion' and a problem as too many cars, hence the fine on Scotland was valid.

They will also chuckle to remember that Scotland's boss, the PM, once borrowed one of their political slogans, 'British jobs for British workers'. Indeed, the illegal worker in question was from Tonga, had she been of Anglo Saxon stock from Dagenham this problem would not have occured!

Finally Stephen Hesford MP for Wirrall West. He is an assistant to Baroness Scotland so was an insider and perhaps has a better grasp of the fine detail than the PM. So he might have resigned for all the 'right' reasons, or not, only time will tell. He has a majority of 1,097 so is this relevant; is he going now with dignity before being crushed in the scrum? We will have to keep an eye on this one.

Footnote -

As might be expected at such a naff occasion as the award of the 'Statesman of the Year' gong, all the mega twits come out to play. So yes that's Bono (above right) greeting Gordo before presenting the gong to him.