MP and DNA reunited

now it's the turn of the other 850,000


The European Union "Prum Treaty" allows automated access to national police databases holding biometrics and data on DNA, fingerprints and vehicle registrations.

The proposed Stockholm programme aims to harmonise databases and IT systems to make this process easier. The European Extradition Warrant allows the courts of any EU country to call on those of another to order the automatic extradition of anyone suspected of offences under 32 headings, including "xenophobia" and any criminal offence affecting public order and security.

Considering that the analysis of biometric data can be unreliable, see The Biometric Delusion it would be sensible not to have your details on such databases.

Damian Green has finally managed to have his DNA removed after a four month battle as he is considered an 'exceptional case' but 850,000 other innocent people remain on the DNA database. According to the Met, just 231 people have asked that their DNA be removed from the database under this procedure since 1 January, but to date, just 31 requests have been agreed to.
Damian Green MPDamian Green MP
Now if more of these innocent people requested their DNA be removed then the police might just find that complying with the ECHR judgement easier than fighting against all these requests. If you know anyone in this position point them towards this website. A repressive state relies on a submissive population. Now we don't exactly live in a police state, yet. We are not going to be thrown into jail and tortured if we fight back.

All the 850,000 innocent people on the DNA database are responsible for fighting back and making a nuisance of themselves. Just think of the possibilities for error when the 27 countries of the European Union are involved! If your DNA is not listed then you can't be innocently connected to a crime using this database.