Dodgy helicopters?

Not an uplifting tale to tell

Mi26 Mi26

Spin, in the political context, is a big part of the way thing are done in the UK. Almost a month ago we wrote Spin is back . In this post we pointed out that Nulabour's helpmate-cum-spinner, Damian McBride, had his thoughts dutifully printed in the Guardian, Daily Mail, Spectator and on the BBC website, maybe other places too.

News management is one thing but a news blackout, how do they do that? Over on EU Referendum Dr Richard North has a disturbing tale to tell, see HERE.

North is very reliable both on this site and his other, Defence Of The Realm. His story is about helicopters, a subject he knows well. It is all to do with the hire of Russian built Mi26 helicopters for use in Afghanistan. Nulabour should be grateful that parliament is in recess so questions to Ministers cannot be asked, please read it.

As a story it has it all, financial mismanagement, the war in Afghanistan and the Ministry of Defence. There is no dodgy dossier, but some of the elements are very murky indeed. And this is the truly weird bit, not one UK based newspaper carries the story. However, The New York Times and The Moscow Times do.

As said before, how do they do that?