The EHRC's own dodgy dossier

Driven by spin

The clique The clique
It all seems so long ago, the time of the EU and local elections this year. If you remember the nation, or part of it, got itself into a frenzy about the BNP. Heat, rather than light, was generated in vast quantities, even so, many people who should have not been fooled were dazzled by the 'success' of the BNP. These people went into overdrive and behaved accordingly.

The smart folk sat back and did some real analysis. This was not so much a case of success but failure; Nulabour and their clique failed totally. The transfer of votes was almost exclusively from Nulabour to the BNP. Even Salma Yaqoob saw this and posted on the Compass website, “ Labour is to blame for the BNP's successes”, that was her title, the body of the article was an inter-left-wing spat much as you would expect from the leader of the Respect Party.

Of course at no time would members of Respect see themselves as part of the problem, oh no! Like all members of the clique that both supports and opposes Nulabour at one and the same time, theirs is only a positive contribution. Not for them the role of the bird on the back of the large beast feeding on the ticks. Likewise not for them to grasp that the bird and the beast are forever linked in the mind of the voter.

So what to do? The Equality and Human Rights Commission, EHRC, decided to take the propaganda route. Under its chairman, Trevor Phillips, the EHRC has had an interesting time since its creation in late 2007, see HERE. and HERE.
Driven by spin Driven by spin
The EHRC is an amalgam of the: Commission for Racial Equality (CRE), the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Disability Rights Commission. Perhaps the simple single issue remit of the original race equality concept of the CRE made it easier, and thus successful; for all we know Phillips, who was the chair of the CRE, rues the day his horizons were expanded. For it is now clear the EHRC has issued its own dodgy dossier.

After the EU/local elections the EHRC and Institute for Public Policy Research, IPPR, released a document going far beyond opinion, it strayed into the territory traditionally occupied by proper research. Generally the media loved it, in fact they fell upon it in a feeding frenzy typical of pigeons going at some fresh white sliced bread in a park. Now the flap has died down Professor Mervyn Stone, of University College London, has, via Civitas, shown the EHRC/IPPR dossier for what it is, bunkum. The full report from Civitas is HERE.

We now see that EHRC and IPPR would have better served their cause by leaving this whole subject area alone, as Professor Stone's summary makes clear. If you type 'BNP', 'statistics' and 'lying' into the web, up will come enough reading to keep you busy for hours. The underlying tone is critical of the EHRC and IPPR. The BNP come out of this unscathed.